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Jmnielsen 20:46, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

  • Regarding partitions why not allow one to at least assign them to an existing setup. For example, /var to /dev/mapper/VolGroup-OS-VAR. VolGroup-OS-VAR was created prior either in a previous install or simply by navigating to another terminal and executing the command line tools during the current install or any variety of methods.

[Jan 29 10:26:02] <clumens> | so the question is: what do we do about steps that kickstart wants to stop and ask for, but that are no longer in text mode?

installation itself works for me. A few comments though;

  • fully agree that maintaining two code bases is a waste
  • am OK with having fewer features in text install
  • happy that we pop up a dialog suggesting VNC
  • an additional line of text stating how bare NewTextUI is might be useful to convince people of VNC (well those that have the ability to do VNC installs)
  • very disconcerted that I was not asked at all how I want my partitions/LVs, just asking what I would like to claim (free, linux, all) is a bit bare.
    • especially since we allocated all space in the VG
    • as we know the size of theinstall (not offering a choice), we should just make the LV of / about 2x required size (or maybe only 1.5) and leave the remaining PE not alloacted. This will give the user more flexibility
  • pointing people at system-config-kickstart would be nice (as a lot of users needing text mode but unable to do VNC will probably be enterprise customers who have network restarictions) so that the user knows that 1 interactive anaconda run to have an anaconda-ks.cfg to work from is not 100% necessary
  • not being asked about package groups is fine by me
  • still need to locate a free machine with multipath to storage to check how it deals with that. (and anaconda needs to be rebuilt as at the moment the qla2xxx firmware is not found after installation, so the box does not come up)

This is not going to work well for some use-cases - people who are installing fedora onto a rackmount system often have minimal or no advanced graphics available to them, and having a functional, featured text-mode install is necessary (or at least very useful) in such environments. Unless you want to drive them to other distributions (or BSD), keeping the textmode anaconda is very important (adding more partitioning options would be a substantial plus). Your changes would make Fedora worse for those users. --Improv 03:00, 25 February 2009 (UTC)