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  • Might be worth pointing out that evolution is in the process of being relicensed which is a necessary prerequisite for the evo connector work.

    • Relicensing is complete. Evolution is now GPLv2 or later. --mbarnes
  • poelcat--Will testing of this feature be limited by people with access to an Exchange server? Is there a way to work around that? Not sure how many people will be able to do this.
    • Effectively, yes. Possibly access to a PostPath (also proprietary) server might work --Abartlet
    • I'd say there's plenty of (Fedora) users who can't wait for this feature to be ready. All those poor Linux users who have an employer who's using Exchange (and doens't offer SMTP/IMAP for strange security reasons). --red
  • Two separate kerberos library subsystems? Ick. - notting
  • I'm working on packaging evolution-mapi now. Has anyone taken ownership of this feature? --mbarnes
  • I would be willing to take over openchange for Fedora 11 - I have an exchange server for testing (a few actually) - phillipbroberts
  • Would it be a good idea to mention that no other clients than evolution support OpenChange right now (e.g. thunderbird, spicebird and everything that uses kdepim)? Or that OpenChange itself support many more features of exchange servers/MAPI than does evolution? --red 05:47, 27 February 2009 (UTC)