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RANDR support?

Is there already something like RANDR support to dynamically change the resolution by for example modifying the client window size?

See also --Fkooman 20:04, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

Yes, it will support RandR in future but patches are not ready yet.

A suggestion on toggling full screen mode

Currently we have to press F8 (take xtightvncviewer for example) first, then move the cursor to "Full Screen" and click it to toggle full screen mode, it is a boring and slow operation. For me, due to small screen resolution (1024x768), I need to switch workspaces frequently to view different contents. But after entering full screen mode, the keyboard is totally grabed by VNC, the original "ctrl+alt+left/right" no longer takes effect. Therefore, I have to repeat above steps to exit this mode first, then move to another workspace.

I'm wondering (1) whether we can add some special key to give up focus of VNC in full screen mode, just like VirtualBox did (they use the right control), or (2) add a hotkey (such like F8->f) to toggle it instead of selecting menu item.