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User:Ausil I would like to see this designed in a more generic way. allow for GDM/KDM/whatever login manager to be configured. allow for desktops to implement frontends and keep package bloat down. bonus points for being able to handle switching from one desktop environment to another and having setting picked up automatically.

Just to prevent false expectations here: The amount of login screen configuration here will be fairly minimal; mostly configuring auto-login. And this will be 'generic' in the usual way: A DBus service on the system bus that provides user-related information. The dialog that is described in this page is not going to be 'generic' or 'pluggable' -- other desktop environments can use the service in their own user management tools, or continue to use system-config-user. --mclasen 15:57, 23 November 2009 (UTC)

What is the difference between gnome-system-tools and UserAccountDialog ?

A UI is of gnome-system-tools is mention in 2.30 (

User:Cra The method of using "Login Options" button which toggles on/off is non-intuitive. I've never seen a GUI use something like that before to switch between different pages of a configuration dialog. Can you change it to a more standard GUI element like a tabbed interface or a button that opens a sub-dialog or even a "Login Options >>>" type button that expands the size of the current dialog box?