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any hope this will finally also address the inability to configure 5.1 type setups?

I'm concerned that these changes will make it harder to adjust individual hardware mixer channels which is currently necessary because ALSA just sets the default values to 50% or something like that. What is being done to address this? I fail to see how hiding/simplifiying hardware mixer channels in ALSA is going to improve this situation. - cra

Making sure that alsa settings are sane is part of this effort. Also note that upstream alsa is working on setting up a database (quirks, if you want) of default volume levels for different cards. So there is hope that alsa will provide more sensible defaults in the future. MatthiasClasen

I'm experiencing a few bugs but don't know which component to file them under? On my Thinkpad T400 the volume is incredibly low, anything < 75% master volume is basically silent. Also the mute-key OSD doesn't show up in Gnome, the volume up and volume down events do along with brightness (they're similar looking icons). Thanks. --Jrpritchard 20:18, 28 July 2009 (UTC)

Now I understand the biggest problem is "no kde support", gnome-volume-control can control more 50% of volume sound than kmix i.e. kde itself. I open a bug in bugzilla to see if I find a solution (for kde) thanks, sergiomb Saturday 11 June 2011 02:36