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Notes from Fedora Release Engineering meeting:

  • Test plan is woefully lacking information, as well as a cut/paste job from another feature. Links to QA tests would be good since you seem to indicate that there are some known.
  • Contingency plan should list all the places documentation about this spin should be removed in case we don't do it, so that we don't advertise a non-available spin.
  • User Experience should probably substitute "matches" with "rivals" unless it's intended that XFCE will look like gnome, instead of being integrated with itself like gnome
  • QA will update this page with thoughts.

Proposed applications changes

  • xfbib: Bibtex editor for Xfce
  • ristretto: the default image viewer of Xfce and should thus replace mirage
  • xfmpc: mpc client for Xfce, not sure if we really need it on the livecd
  • catfish: semi-official search tool of Xfce, frontend for find, locate and tracker.
    • Pro: Easy to integrate into Thunar, Tracker is too overblown, works well (at least on i386)
    • Con: Upstream development is stalled atm
  • asounder as cd ripping tool, light and fits to xfce

Proposed Features

  • Better default keyboard theme: make multimedia actions like volume up/down work and include actions like print screen and print window via keyboard shortcuts by default.
  • Include two alternative keyboard themes for GNOME and Windows users.
  • gnome-screensaver instead of xscreensaver. While upstream prefers the latter we need gnome-screensaver for user switching. Won't pull in any additional packages on the livecd. Requires patching of the screensaver plugin in xfce-mcs-plugins.
  • Faster startup. Disable splash screen and apply the patch from
  • Include a fedora splash for those who like splash screens.
  • Enhanced default panel config. Include places plugin and mailwatcher plugin. mailwatcher launches default mail-client
  • Prefer pavucontrol over xfce4-mixer (affects xfce4-panel)
  • Make sure claws-mail is the preferred mail-client on the livecd. Requires a small snipplet for ~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc
  • Make sure all menu entries have proper icons (fixed in Rawhide)

--Cwickert 00:11, 27 August 2008 (UTC)