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"== Nick Changes ==
"Constantly changing your nick to let us know what you are doing is just as annoying as using an away message.  It is not necessary that we know that you  
are going to the bathroom by changing your nick to John-Doe-Bathroom or that you have wondered outside to check the mail by changing your nick to John-Doe-
Postalbox.  No matter what you do, nick changes you perform show directly into the channel and get very annoying to see constantly.  If you are going to be 
away from the computer, simply use an away message that does not announce when you do /away Gone to the channels you are in.  Pick a nick and stick with it 
for as long as you shall live.  Or if you want to constantly change nicks, do it BEFORE you get into the channel or AFTER you leave the channel.  Buffer 
space is quite precious and doesn't need to be filled with: John-Doe is away or John-Doe is now known as John-Doe-Bathroom."

If buffer space is so precious, why do you insist on using it to make examples of people who have violated the sometimes arbitrary and completely-irreconciable with #fedora- development channel conventions?

If buffer space is so precious, why do you waste so much of it yelling at people for nick changes, especially when it's ONE nick change and not a frequent one?

If you care so much about nick changes, why don't you turn off nick change notifications in your IRC client?

Passive-aggressive BS.