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Ideas for next round

  • Note talking points schedule at end of Feature List page, and make sure it's clear to developers how talking points fit into the feature cycle/process. (from kashyapc)
  • have Community Talking Points - what we're doing with each release that isn't necessarily directly tied to the distro, but Features / Enhancements we're making to the community. SOPs, rawhide, FI, etc, etc. We're giving people a compelling list as to why they should be trying out Fedora 13; why should we not have a compelling list as to why they should try out our community? (rbergero)

29th February 2012 - I am going to be including a link in the "ways to promote Fedora" section explaining exactly what marketing is - I notice a lot of spam popping up on this page which I am actively removing. Please do not remove this link however as it contains an important summary of exactly what marketing is.

Do we need the press archive section on the page? It's been discussed in IRC meetings about the ROI of even having such pages with such lists of press archives.