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Bruno: You don't need to tell people to get git just to grab the latest copy of the file. They can pull the version from the master branch (which is what you would normally want for testing current rawhide) using the http url:;a=blob_plain;f=custom/qa-test-day.ks;hb=master

You can just provide a clickable link to that on this page. I think that will simplify things a bit. They'll probably need to do a save as since the content type (text/plain) is such that the page will probably be displayed by their browser.

kparal: Hello, thanks for your suggestion. The last version of this guide was done that way (saving files). But I think the current is more simple. If you download only the single file, you also have to download all the dependencies (fedora-livecd-desktop.ks, fedora-live-base.ks) or you have to install spin-kickstarts package. In the latter case you also have to modify paths in the %include section of qa-test-day.ks. Also all of this makes scripts updating more complicated (than just git pull) and therefore people will be lazy to do it (how to detect a newer version without manual inspection anyway?). I have seen you (the Spins SIG) quite often improve the kickstarts and by using git it's just a single command to check and download new scripts versions. I would say the git is just the simplest way. But I'm open to suggestions. What do you think?

Bruno: Of course I forgot that only is good if the live base ks and live desktop ks it is based on are up to date and saved in the same directory or you also have people pull those and name them correctly. So maybe installing git is simpler.

kparal: We were writing at the same time :)