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Unresolved Questions

  • Will a spin owner have to create a new spins page for each release?
    • Jeroen van Meeuwen: Not in my opinion. There's two ways we can do this:
      1. One page: Re-categorize the existing page for each new release, adding a link on top of the page to the current revision of that same page
      2. One page per release: Copy the page for Fedora N to a Fedora N+1 page
  • Do we need spins pages created for all Fedora 11 spins, even if they existed for previous releases?
    • Jeroen van Meeuwen: All spins would need to meet the requirements of the new process, so I'm inclined to say "yes". Copy the current Feature page to a Spins page and make it reflect the new categories (add it to Category Incomplete_Spins) bearing in mind the Spins_New_Spin_Page_Template has different sets of questions resulting in different information being listed on said page.
  • User:Bruno: There aren't any naming guidelines for the Spins page. Are they supposed to be Spins/descriptivename ?
  • User:Bruno: I think there could be a bit more about how testing fits into the review process. How is concept review distinguished from ready to be included in a release review?
  • There should probably be some information on timing relative to rawhide since spins are typically produced at the release time.

Feature freeze vs. spin freeze

I think spin freeze == feature freeze does not really work out well. Instead I suggest to have spin freeze one or two weeks after alpha freeze because at this point we can be sure all features are ether accepted or delayed. --Cwickert 23:11, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

  • The Feature Freeze is a freeze for new spins, and it is not to say that unresolved dependencies (on features?, blocker bugs?) could not cause the spin to fail later on in the development cycle.