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I created a manual listing of the archive, but it's really just the stuff from the OGG feed(s). Is there a way of pulling in a feed to MediaWiki without killing ourselves? Otherwise, this is going to be a short lived page feature unless another fan or the TWiF folks decide to do the manual labor.

It seemed like a good service to provide Fedora people -- a single page that gives them all they need about this new and growing resource. That's why I put in the MP3 feed as well as the OGG feed, to be friendly to the widest audience. Similary, this page presents a formal Fedora "about" page archive of the RSS feed instead of the friendly but unbranded raw feed via a web browser.

Not sure what approach makes it most attractive to people who want less masking tape and more finished paint jobs. :)

--Quaid 21:43, 5 July 2010 (UTC)