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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

This page aims to list feature requirements for Nitrate system for the smooth test cases/plans/runs transition from Wiki to Nitrate TCMS. It identifies Must-Have and Nice-To-Have features missed currently in Nitrate TCMS based on feature comparison table.


Feature Description Solution on Nitrate Bug No.
History rollback User can view/compare history versions and undo changes, see one, and another example. Discussion with TCMS team needed to achieve this step by step.
Description part in test case See the Description field in the example Write this in 'Note' field, add tinyMCE syntax editing to it.
Grouping cases (by media) better to separate the cases to different groups in one test run. An example on wiki. More exploration needed during pilot instance.
Documents in test result page(Run) The area and syntax for the documents in test result page, such as contents on the example run page. add tinyMCE syntax to “Notes” field or link to wiki documentation pages.
Moving test results Moving previous results from previous test run to new run. Selectively include test cases when creating a new test run. On the other hand, the calculation/summary of the new run need support adding previous run results into account.
Result format Nitrate doesn't have 'warn' status which indicates the test

passed, but other bugs were discovered while executing the test. Add or modify 'error' status to 'warn'?

Mark the test PASS, and linking to additional bugs filed.
Multiple contributions for each case An example to show multiple results for one case on wiki. Feature required to allow multiple testers to provide feedback on a single test given that the environment under test (hardware) can vary for tests.
Authorities/protection for certain pages Pages with different namespaces can have different permissions. Admin the permissions by different user groups. Integration with FAS.
Supporting anonymous user read-write access Anonymous have read-write access for certain test runs. Feature required.
Integration with FAS Integrated with Fedora Account System: Feature required.
License the content "GOOD" content license Should be in the list of "GOOD" licenses -
Upstream project community monitoring nitrate-devel@, and file/share requirements to bugzilla. Actively discussing topics/release notes/plans etc. Open permission for TCMS bugs on bugzilla.
Test day page(run) creation Test Day Plan and its cases are needed to create test day Run. Consider each test day as a test plan. More exploration needed during pilot instance.
Test cases priority Nitrate has P1, P2, P3..., modify to Alpha, Beta, Final? Admins should be able to control over re-defining the values to something appropriate for Fedora.
Each case with different platforms Better support two platform results submitting for each case If it's hard to implement, set up two runs as a workaround: 1. RC1 - Installation (i386) 2. RC1 - Installation (x86_64)
Import xml file The Nitrate system should be able to import test cases from xml file. Nitrate system should at least be able to import from xml file which has the testopia format. RHBZ #679637