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Telegram is a popular multi-platform messaging tool used by some members of the Fedora community for sync chat and updates.

This page aims to list all Fedora groups and channels, including country-specific localized ones.


Channel Description Link
Fedora Project News This channel is for official news relating to the Fedora Project. The news is relayed by Fedora sources.


Please keep these lists sorted alphabetically by group name.

Bridged sub-projects

Group Description Mirrored IRC channel Link
Ask Fedora SIG A channel for Ask Fedora related discussion #fedora-ask[?]
Fedora A group chat for Fedora users. Please use English. #fedora-telegram[?] @fedora
Fedora Albania A group chat for Fedora users from Albania #fedora-sq[?]
Fedora Brasil Language: Português do Brasil #fedora-bra[?] @fedorabra
Fedora China Chinese speaking users & devs #fedora-zh[?] @fedorazh
Fedora CommOps Telegram group for the Fedora Community Operations (CommOps) team. #fedora-commops[?] @fedoracommops
Fedora Docs Discussions related to Fedora Documentation #fedora-docs[?]
Fedora Diversity and Inclusion Team Telegram group for the Fedora Diversity and Inclusion Team. #fedora-diversity[?] @fedoradiversity
Fedora Ecuador Grupo para usuarios de Fedora, Software Libre y Open Source en Ecuador. #fedora-ec[?]
Fedora LATAM Grupo de Fedora Latinoamerica - Spanish / English / Portugues #fedora-latam[?]
Fedora Join SIG A channel for new users to meet and learn from contributors #fedora-join[?]
Fedora Mindshare Telegram group for the Fedora Mindshare Committee. #fedora-mindshare[?] @fedoramindshare
Fedora ML SIG A channel for machine learning enthusiasts aiming to make Fedora the best platform for all things to Machine Learning. #fedora-ml[?] #fedora-ml-de[?]
Fedora QA It's our goal to continually improve the quality of Fedora releases and updates. #fedora-qa[?]
Fedora India A group chat for Fedora contributors from India. #fedora-india[?]
Fedora Summer Coding Channel for Fedora summer coding (GCI, GSoC and outreachy) participants to communicate #fedora-summer-coding[?] @fedoraSummerCoding

Telegram-only communities

Group Description Link
Fedora Brasil - roots Grupo de Utilizadores e Colaboradores do Projeto Fedora.
Brazil Translation Team Grupo Brasileiro de tradução do Fedora.
Fedora D/A/CH Group chat for German speakers and people interested in the German-speaking community.
Fedora ES Hablamos sobre Fedora, y Open Source en general.
Fedora Iran گروه کاربران ایرانی فدورا
Fedora Italia Questo gruppo mira ad essere un luogo di ritrovo per chi usa Fedora.
Fedora Sri Lanka A group chat for Fedora contributors from Sri Lanka.
Fedora TR A group chat for Fedora contributors from Turkey.
Russian Fedora Групповой чат русскоязычных поклонников дистрибутива Fedora.
Fedora Mexico A group chat for Fedora contributors from Mexico.
Fedora Greece A group chat for Fedora contributors from Greece.
Fedora Ukraine Груповий чат україномовних прихильників дистрибутива Fedora.