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Wikitcms core page
This page is a core component of the Wikitcms system for storing release validation testing results in the Fedora wiki. This system relies on specific expectations regarding page naming, contents, and categorization. Please take special care when editing this page, especially if you change any element of wiki syntax, especially templating elements. If you are at all unsure about the consequences of your planned change, please contact the QA group before applying it.

This template records what is considered to be the 'current' compose nominated for testing by Fedora QA: either a test compose or release candidate, or a Rawhide or Branched nightly compose. It is updated automatically by relval when the compose or nightly sub-commands are used without the --no-current option. It can be edited by hand so long as the slightly complex format is kept, but it is usually safer to use relval.

When called with no parameter, the parameter full, or an invalid parameter, it will return the 'full' version of the compose currently nominated for testing - something like 22 Alpha TC1 for a TC/RC, or 22 Rawhide 20141208 for a nightly compose:

  • {{CurrentFedoraCompose}}
  • {{CurrentFedoraCompose|full}}
  • {{CurrentFedoraCompose|foobar}}

22 Rawhide 20141208

It can be called with various parameters: release, date, milestone, compose:

  • {{CurrentFedoraCompose|release}}


  • {{CurrentFedoraCompose|date}}


  • {{CurrentFedoraCompose|milestone}}


  • {{CurrentFedoraCompose|compose}}


If the current nominated compose is a nightly build, milestone will be Branched or Rawhide, and compose output will be empty; if the current nominated compose is a TC/RC, date output will be empty (you can take advantage of this to check which type the current nominated compose is, with the {{#ifeq:}} parser function). The milestone output for nightly composes indicates whether the compose to be tested is from Rawhide or Branched.

It can be used in various ways; relval report-results uses it to guess the compose for which the user most likely wants to report results, and the validation testing instruction template uses it to display a note on result pages that are not for the current compose, warning that they are not for the current compose and linking to it, for example.

41 Rawhide 20240612.n.0