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This page describes how to debug <component>. For general information on how to file a bug, should you need to do so, please see Bugs and feature requests.

Checking the common bugs page or searching in bugzilla will save you time if your problem has already been reported.

Identifying your problem area

Something that ensures that the component in question is at fault not some other thing..

Information to include in your report

All bug reports

Sample entry

In all cases, the following should be mentioned and attached to your bug report:

  • The exact command-line used.
  • A copy of the components log file /path/to/<components_log_file>

<Component> related problems

Sample entry

As well as the information from the 'All bug reports' section, include the following information:

Debugging <component>

As root install <components> debug package.

# debuginfo-install <component>

How to GDB component

Sample Note
Sample Tip
Sample Warning