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This template is used for teams conducting a post-release assessment of how successful they were at meeting their self-imposed set of deliverables on schedule and with community involvement.

Things we did well

  • Each person involved should state one thing the team did well, or improved substantially, during this release cycle over the previous one.

Things we did not do so well

  • Each person involved should state one thing the team did not do well, or which may have regressed, during this release cycle compared to the previous one.

Deliverable assessments

  • Deliverable 1
    • Was this deliverable finished on schedule?
    • Does a repeatable process occur for this deliverable, including:
      • information about its purpose
      • guidance on how to create it
      • a list of stakeholders interested in it
    • Did the deliverable receive contribution from a wider community than the previous release, if appropriate?
    • Is there any way to assess how it was received?
  • Deliverable 2
    • etc.
  • etc.

Unfinished deliverables

  • For each deliverable not finished:
    • Why was it not finished?
    • What was the impact?
    • Is there a continuing need for this deliverable?
    • If so, how can the team better prepare for and complete it for the next release?

New deliverables

  • For each gap identified in the deliverables this release:
    • Are there one or more specific deliverables that would close the gap?
    • Is there any interest in producing them for the next release?
    • Can they be produced with existing tools and services?
      • If not, consider whether there are enough people skilled and interested enough to finish a project to create the tools/services needed. Not every idea can be made into a reality without hands to do the work.
    • Would the new deliverable(s) replace/obsolete any existing deliverables?