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You'll want to use this template as follows:

|description=This test case ensures that the disk drive(s) are properly dismounted when Fedora is being shut down or when a Reboot is done.
|setup=Install the pre-release version of Fedora that is to be tested on a bare metal system using the default Anaconda settings except to reclaim all disk space in the process.
Be as specific as required for the target audience. 
# Start here ...
# Next do this ...
# Finally click that
The following must be true to consider this a successful test run. Be brief ... but explicit. 
# Step #1 completes without error
# The system boots into runlevel 5
# Program completes with exit code 0
|optional=Optionally provide hints for exploratory testing.

This will result in the example page shown below. Please read QA:SOP test case creation to see how to properly write a test case and categorize it.