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Revision history

Detail key dates with respect to this document. Including it's creation date and significant updates since then.


Brief description of this document.

  • The goals of this plan are to:
  • Organize the test effort
  • Communicate the strategy, scope and priorities of the planned tests to all relevant stake-holders for their input and approval
  • Serve as a base for the test planning for future Fedora releases

Test Strategy

Describe how the testing will be organized and executed. Is there any special order or sequence to perform actions.

Test Priority

Often used to outline tiers of tests arranged from most important (tier#1) to infrequently used tests (tier#3).


What will and won't be tested.

Test Pass/Fail Criteria

When do you consider testing completed or stopped? How do you know when to stop?

Test Deliverables

Describe what the consumables will be from testing. Examples include:

  • This test plan
  • A test summary document for each major milestone
  • A list of defects filed
  • Any test scripts used for automation or verification

Test Cases

Using the level of detail required by this test plan, outline test areas and test cases to be exercised.

Test Environment

Describe the environment tests will be executed in


High-level detail of who is accountable for different phases of testing.


Outline the scheduled milestones.


Given the current scope and test priority, what are some potential risks. Are there any other contingencies should problems arrise? How will issues be dealt with when they surface.