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Wikitcms core page
This page is a core component of the Wikitcms system for storing release validation testing results in the Fedora wiki. This system relies on specific expectations regarding page naming, contents, and categorization. Please take special care when editing this page, especially if you change any element of wiki syntax, especially templating elements. If you are at all unsure about the consequences of your planned change, please contact the QA group before applying it.

This template is transcluded by the main template for release validation test pages, which is substituted into the test pages for each compose at the time of creation. For example, at the time Fedora 21 Beta TC1 was released, it was substituted to create Test_Results:Fedora_21_Beta_TC1_Base. The mess of #ifeq's at the top displays the 'no longer current' admon box if appropriate - it has to cover the possibility that the 'current' compose may be either a nightly or a TC/RC, so it has to use a couple of nested #ifeq statements.