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Template documentation [edit]
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Provide a easy way to draft summer of code ideas in and organize them in a consistent manner.


You'll want to use this template as follows:

{{Summer of Code Idea
| Title of the idea
| Status of idea, acceptable values are IDEA, PROPOSED, ACCEPTED (defaults to IDEA) 
| ''(optional)'' Who to contact for more information
| ''(optional)'' Who has agreed to mentor this project
| Skills required in order to complete this project
| Short description of the project (typically 2 -3 paragraphs)


{{Summer of Code Idea}} returns

No name given


Status Contact Mentor Skills
IDEA nobody nobody NA

{{Summer of Code Idea|Cool wizbang new idea|ASSIGNED|pfrields|quaid|Docbook and XML}} returns

Cool wizbang new idea


Status Contact Mentor Skills
ASSIGNED pfrields quaid Docbook and XML

{{Summer of Code Idea|Another hot idea|PROPOSED|jkeating|spot|python, mysql|Here are more details and history of the idea.}} returns

Another hot idea


Status Contact Mentor Skills
PROPOSED jkeating spot python, mysql
Here are more details

and history of the idea.