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Template documentation [edit]

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Upgrade description/doc. It will not be transcluded on pages that use this template.

This template is used to produce multiple upgrade test cases for release validation testing, found at Template:Installation_test_matrix#Upgrade.

Various bits of the content are conditionalized, based on template parameters, to let you produce the test cases that cover upgrading from different configurations.


  • from - Determines from which Fedora release you're trying to upgrade. It takes the same arguments as Template:FedoraVersion, so usually current or previous. The default is current.
  • flavor - Specifies Fedora flavor to be upgraded. Again takes the same arguments as Template:FedoraVersion, so e.g. workstation, server, cloud. Optional.
  • pkgset - Specifies which package set should the user install before upgrading. This is often obvious from flavor (but it doesn't hurt to mention pkgset as well), but sometimes you want to specify package sets which are not default for any flavor (KDE, minimal). Example values: workstation, server, cloud, KDE, minimal. Optional.
  • live - Specifies that the system can be also installed from a Live image, as a hint to the user. If you want to enable this, provide live with a non-empty value, e.g. live=1. Optional
  • encrypt - Mention that the installed system should have encrypted disks. If you want to enable this, provide encrypt with a non-empty value, e.g. encrypt=1. Optional.
  • tool - Defines the tool to be used for upgrading. If you use tool=gnome-software, gnome-software will be mentioned. Otherwise DNF will be mentioned.

This tests upgrading from the current release (presently Fedora 36) to the next release (presently Fedora 37) using the DNF system upgrade.