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Scope of Indic Typing Booster Testing


1) User must able to use typing booster IME same way as they are using present inscript or itrans map.

- User should able to type all the characters

- It is very important since Typing Booster predicts words from the background dictionary and it is very difficult to provide all words in any particular language, so when a particular word now present in dictionary user should able to type that with Typing Booster IME and can quickly add to database, so next time he can get that word quickly in suggestions.

- All mapping must be same as they are with present inscript and phonetic mappings

- For inscript we must check that

- For phonetic there are 2 options as follows

ड can be type using either 1) "dd" or 2) "D" ढ can be type using either 1) "ddh" or 2) "Dh"

Presently we are using 1) technique so user should all characters in this way for getting desired word. Off course it should give options in both way, we are planning this to fix in next versions of typing booster. Required work on ibus-indic-table.

2) It should work in all application.

- LibreOffice, gedit, localize, kwrite, firefox i.e. comment box of facebook, google chat etc.

3) What are the enhancement required in it.

- for better input method experience

- replacing it with the existing inscript layout

Things still need improvement

4) Validity of suggested words

- presently database of typing booster is generated from wikipedia, fedora po files of all applications blog's and some web pages on internet. so still there are as per language many invalid word are present. We are planning to remove this in beta release first we just want to test the concept.