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Thijmen de Gooijer

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nickname: AIRAC

Email: [[MailTo(]


Bio: Started off with Red Hat 6 and was parttime user till version 9. For some reason my linux use stopped then for a while. Next was SuSE 9 and then 10. Still mostly dualboot. I have had a SuSE 10 only system for a few months before returning to windows to run Flight Simulator, my big hobby. But Linux hasn't been forgotten. I trying to get my school to run some linux machines, and started off with an old Compaq server that is going to run core 4 as webserver. At home I am trying several Debian based distro's. I haven't used any Fedora version, but it remembers me of the good old Red Hat times, big chance I will be running a Fedora box when you read this.