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Page to keep track of Linux support development for Thinkpad X13s (SoC codename sc8280xp), the first Thinkpad with ARM CPU.

Most of following informations come from #aarch64-laptops on OFTC, #fedora-arm on and arm[AT] Upstream infos change on daily basis, so this page may be outdated, therefore read it with pinch of salt / cum grano salis.

Bootable images

Fedora developers are aiming for it being supportable/usable in time for Fedora 38, at some point before that, some consumable images will be released for testing.

A Linaro's Debian image is available at this link. It provides a decent user experience, despite missing audio and suspension capabilities. Power usage not yet optimized, so expect high battery drain

Kernel development

Some of work on the kernel can be seen in repository, branches wip/sc8280xp


GPU hardware acceleration not yet available


Kernel side implementation at this link Userland code still to be implemented


Virtualization is not yet available. The UEFI is not yet exposing the EL2 (exception level) which is required to run VMs


Not working



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