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Notes for the next gen kernel module packaging standard

I use this page for collection some notes for the next gen packaging standard for Fedora. The plan is to work on it after Fedora 7 is out and to have it ready by Fedora 8.

Things we'd afaics like to have

  • provide pre-compiled modules in the repo that yum will automatically update when needed; further for advanced users provide a dkms-like solution that builds modules for Fedora or custom build kernels dynamically
  • one buildpath for both the pre-compiled and the dkms like solution
  • files must be owned and tracked by the rpms database
  • be able to build new kernel-module packages without having to ship new userland packages
  • working debuginfo packages
  • spec files without to much clutter
  • integration with the kernel-module stuff from jcmasters for RHEL