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Thorsten "thl" Leemhuis view on Fedora as a whole and his ToDo list of things to improve

While working on Fedora packages and the project and using the distribution I often stumble over details that really annoy me. I try to collect some of them here to not forget about it in the hope to find some time to actually work on or help fixing those details. So in parts this is a rant about Fedora, in parts it's a ToDo list for times when I have a little spare time.


  • Avoid file deps outside the main directories proposal is lingering around on the stack of the PC for a long time without much progress
  • Is it time for a major revisit of the Package Review process to make reviewing easier again?
  • rpath checks on the server
  • scratch builds? Or do we get them with lmackens new updates system?
  • FPC seems to work with a lot of overhead ("FPC votest, FESCo discusses, FPC realizes" -- even for small changes) ; that was never meant like that afaics

Miscellaneous annoying things

  • will we really throw out plone, just because we don't want python 2.4 in the tree?
  • make it easier to say "no gpg checks" when using "yum localinstall"