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I'm keeping my "Fedora Extras todo-list" here because it might be of interest for some people. Most important things are on the top of the lists.

Do it soon

  • alsa-tools and alsa-firmware
  • a proper orphans policy (when to remove them from devel?)
  • a proper policy to tag packages in CVS that are dead / unused / whatever (like package.dead )
  • create Packaging/MaintaincePolicy which policys or hints how packages should be maintained
  • how does FESCo work link
  • we need some tools that automatically check build packages in the buildsys for common problems (empty debuginfo, hardcoded rpath, ...)
  • co-maintainership
  • allow new contributors to enter Extras more easily (e.g. give them CVS access, but only let sponsors request builds after they checked the changes)
  • don't maintain two orpahns lists (e.g. one in the wiki and one in owners.list)
  • we should have a weekly "new packages in Extras report"

Should be done sooner or later

I should do this but I seldom find time for it

  • Sponsor people, do reviews