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Timothy Robichaux

Email: [[MailTo(tim AT robichaux DOT net)]

Howdy folks!

Who am I?

My name is Tim Robichaux, and I'm currently a LAN Technician with a fascination with Fedora and most things Linux. I spend most of my time supporting Windows clients in a large corporate network environment by day, and at night I bang my head against World of Warcraft. I'm currently looking for a project where I can put my fledgling programing and administration skills to use.


I've been in school most of my life but I have yet to complete a degree. I spent 2.5 years attending Louisiana State University trying to get a Computer Science Degree. I left in 1999 and since then I've taken classes on everything from Network Administration to Shell Programing. I am currently enrolled at Owens Community College and I'mthrilled to be back in school again.


This is a short list of some of the things I do every day.

Skill Name Years of Experience
Windows Server Administration 10 years experience
Windows Desktop Administration 10 years experience
Linux Desktop Administration 3 years experience
Linux Server Administration just starting
C Programing just about a year