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Download the set of screenshots displayed below (plus a few extra) at full-size via this single tarball: f18screenshots.tar.bz2

There are many, many more new (but perhaps less visual) features available in Fedora 18. You can read all about them on the Fedora 18 Feature List.

256 Color Terminals

Enable terminal programs to use the enhanced color capabilities of modern terminals by default. I.E. increase their color options from the 8 colors at the top of this picture, to the other 256 displayed.

F18-tour 256 Color Terminals.png

Active Directory

Fedora should be able to be used on an Active Directory domain (or other kerberos realms, such as IPA) out of the box. It should be easy to configure domain logins on a Fedora machine, and then it should be intuitive and uneventful to login with those credentials.

F18-tour ActiveDirectory.png


Update GNOME to the latest upstream release.

F18-tour gnome36.png

KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.9

Rebase to KDE Plasma Workspace 4.9. including Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Platform.

F18-tour kde.png

MATE Desktop

MATE Desktop is based on GNOME 2 and provides an intuitive and attractive desktop to Linux users who seek a simple, easy to use traditional interface.

F18-tour mate.png

NetworkManager Hotspots

This enhancement to NetworkManager will enable easy-to-use AP-mode for supported hardware, which solves compatibility problems and provides a smoother user experience.

F18-tour RealHotspot.png

New Installer UI

Enhancing the anaconda installer with a new user interface, improving both the end-user experience as well as ease of implementation of new features, particularly new storage technologies, for developers.

F18-tour anaconda3.png

F18-tour anaconda1.png

F18-tour anaconda2.png

F18-tour anaconda4.png

F18-tour anaconda5.png

Sugar 0.98

Provide the latest Sugar Learning Environment (0.98), including an enhanced activity set to provide an stable demo environment for Sugar as well as an environment for developers.

F18-tour sugar.png

Xfce 4.10

Updates the Fedora Xfce desktop to version 4.10. This release incorporates major changes to the core of the Xfce desktop environment, and includes numerous bugfixes and improvements.

F18-tour xfce.png