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Welcome to the Fedora Core 6

Fedora Core is a general purpose free operating environment based on Linux that offers the best combination of robust and latest software that exists in the free software world.

Fedora Core 6 Release Summary

Help Wanted

The following features in Fedora Core 6 are screenshot and screencasts worthy. Kindly add the screenshots in presentation mode and videos at the end section. Screenshots should be in PNG format if possible. Videos can be OGG theora files or GIF animations. Flash presentations can be provided as long as a open alternative is also given. You can learn about doing screencasts at

  • Installer multi repo support. iSCSI, firewire and USB storage installation
  • New DNA theme
  • Dejavu LGC font on locales where it shows a good difference like Greek language.
  • GCJ web plugin playing a interesting applet
  • Compiz eye candy + planned integration for switching the window manager easily.
  • Pupplet - Yum based updater applet
  • Brand new system-config-printer
  • Xen virt-manager user interface
  • Eclipse 3.2
  • Alacarte menu editor
  • Orca Screenreader
  • setroubleshoot - SELinux graphical trouble shooting tool.
  • Dogtail - desktop automation and testing framework
  • GNUCash 2.0
  • Fedora on Intel Macs


  • These screenshots are from Fedora Core 6 Final Release.


These videos are from Fedora Core 6 Final Release.