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The Council will appoint SIGs that they think are appropriate for various trademark approvals.

  1. Each appointed SIG should create a checklist or SOP for Item approval
  2. When an appointed SIG gives its approval for a Item, it should do so in a public and transparent manner. The SIG can decide the exact manner of approval but who and where the approval is granted should be specified in the SOP.
  3. Once approvals from appointed SIGS are done, the Item will be submitted to the Council (via a ticket) for trademark approval.
  4. The Council can appoint a specific SIG to keep track of "trademarked" Items and that SIG will set schedules and/or reasons for re-approval
  5. No reapproval of a spin for trademark is needed when an existing spin is updated (for instance, for a new Fedora release). Spins SIG can still approve or veto an updated spin but that's outside of trademark approval.
  6. The Council will be the final arbitrator in disputes between various SIGs or perceived problems of process.

This will be voted on next council meeting after one week of input.

This policy was proposed by Stephen John Smoogen and approved in the Board's meeting on 2011-04-26.