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Un Extra Korean TrueType fonts


Ten additional faces for UN fonts.

This is a set of Korean TrueType fonts. Un-fonts come from the HLaTeX type1 fonts made by Koaunghi Un in 1998. They were converted to TrueType with FontForge(PfaEdit) by Won-kyu Park in 2003.

Extra families (12 fonts) :

  • UnPen, UnPenheulim: script
  • UnTaza: typewriter style
  • UnBom: decorative
  • UnShinmun
  • UnYetgul: old Korean printing style
  • UnJamoSora, UnJamoNovel, UnJamoDotum, UnJamoBatang
  • UnVada
  • UnPilgia: script


Homepage Format & features License Review reference Koji page pkgdb page
UN fonts TTF GPLv2 453017 un-extra-fonts un-extra-fonts

Style Faces Scripts
Sans Serif Other R B I BI Other Latin Greek Cyrillic Other
Variable Monospace Variable Monospace
script, typewriter, decorative, old Korean printing… ko,ja


  1. UN Extra fonts are probably best packaged by the same packager as UN fonts, but this is not a hard rule.
  2. Upstream needs to be contacted to add the usual FSF font embedding exception to the license.
  3. Upstream needs to be contacted to publish the sfd sources the fonts are built from.
  4. Upstream needs to be contacted to clarify it's position WRT GPL v3.

Fonts in Fedora
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