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Report of 2006-08-27

Welcome to the first report of the Fedora Usability Sig


The Usability Sig has for goal to provide coherence, accessibility and intuivity for all people using Fedora Core and its associated ressources.

Works provided by the Usability Sig:

- System-config-rootpassword has been redefined

DamienDurand, HaikelGuemar and DianaFong have redefined the system-config-rootpassword tool for more intuitivy and security. You will find here a patch with the modifications :

A RPM package is also available for test and provide some feedbacks:

This package is not official, the Fedora Project is not responsable of this modifications, don't repport bugs on but use the fedora-desktop-list for this.

- Introduction guide

DamienDurand has started the usability introction guide : Docs/Drafts/UsabilityGuide You can and you are encouraged to modify it.

This guide is not official and is not a part of the Fedora Documentation Project

- Contributors

There is a total of 9 members in the UsabilityGroup with 3 active contributors and 6 potential. If you would like help, please add your name on the page.

To get support or to discuss about Usability in Fedora, join the Fedora-Desktop-List: Or the #fedora-usability channel on