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Michael Muxica

I run a company called That Guy 24/7, LLC. that supports local artists in the DMV (DC, MD, VA Metropolitan Area) for free. When I'm not devoting my energy to that, I freelance web and graphic design. I now want to give back to the open source community.

I have a BS in Accounting and hope to never use it. Considering going back for a CompSci Degree. I love everything about the web, especially linux. I truly look forward to bringing linux to more users which hopefully will increase closed-source support for the numerous distros!

I'm a proud user of Ubuntu (with gnome) and Fedora. Once adobe's creative suite is supported on linux (never it seems) I'll destroy the windows 8 from my work device in favor of some flavor!

I look forward to getting to work towards a better future with you all!

Cheers! Mike Muxica


   IRC: To be addes
   GPG key: To be added
   Fedora Account: wisniewskibm
   Website: (as for now available only in Polish)

Activities within Fedora

  I'm a new member of Fedora Community and want to become an Ambassador.