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Hi all,

I am Abhijeet, junior at Jaipur Engineering College, majoring in Electrical Engineering.And I'm really passionate about Linux products and I'm proudly using them too though my academic curriculum is based upon unix and Windows :) . I first started with uBuntu than someone recommended me to try Fedora and Now, I'm here loving it.

Here's my resume for basic formal details about me: Abhijeet EE Resume

My curriculum until now comprises of both practical & conceptual experiences of courses like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Power Electronics, Electrical Circuits, Measurement, Machines, Control System & Power System, Microprocessor & Computer Architecture, Computer programming, Entrepreneurship Development & Environmental Engineering.

In addition to the knowledge I've obtained from my education, my experiences such as working in managing committee at The Young Innovators Foundation (TYIF) and Industry Interaction Committee (IIC) & lots of other inter & intra college departments developed me well for research and development, design, and other aspects of Engineering & Management. (Please refer résumé)

I believe that there is so much more to be learned and I am seeing this Ambassador's program as a platform necessary for a future gateway to Open Source enhancement & to expand my skills. In all honesty, I just want to be around top professionals in the world and gain as much knowledge as I can.

You may find me here:


--A6hijeet (talk) 11:30, 20 May 2013 (UTC)