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Ahmed AbouElhamayed

I'm currently a student at the Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University. I'm from Cairo, Egypt. I liked programming since I was a kid but I learned it properly when I became older. I love to work on web projects although working on desktop and android applications does not annoy me.

I've programmed in many languages including: Python, C#(XNA and ASP.NET), Java and even FALSE :). I've made or contributed to complete projects with the previous languages(except FALSE). Some were academic projects, others were part of student activities, and others were for learning and trying. However, languages that I use daily nowadays are Ruby(Ruby on Rails) and C++.

I used to take online courses to learn but once I learned about Open Source, I started to apply learning by doing instead. It turned out to be much more useful and persistent. It helps solve real problems and facing better challenges.


  • Email:
  • IRC: TheMonster. You can find me on #GlitterGallery, #fedora-design, #fedora-apps and #fedora-summer-coding. Also, on KDE's channels #kde-sysadmin, #kde-www, #kde-devel and others.
  • GPG key: 0xAB723E9A
  • Fedora Account: aaboouelhamayed

Activities within Fedora

I'm currently trying to get involved with Design/GlitterGallery project. I've resolved some issues and currently trying to maximize my understanding of the code and improve the app in general. I'm hoping to get selected to work on improving this project in GSoC 2015 and hoping to get it ready and attractive to use by the end of the project.