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Aditya Pant

Hi I am a third year computer science student from BK Birla Institue of Engineering & Technology, Pilani (Rajasthan, India). I am having a varied interest in this branch but my career focus is in operating systems , to make them portable to different devices for that I believe that Fedora could provide me with the best platform to start with. My love with fedora started few months back with fedora 10 and within few days I have been able to replace my windows XP with fedora. I have been able to understand the basics of my system by the virtue of linux, thus, coming more closer to my machine than I had imagined earlier. But what I have found during my transition phase from windows to linux is that still a lot of awareness is required at initial level as myself has faces the similar adversities. We have all the resources but we still don't know about where to get them how to use them, etc. What we need is openness not only in code but in our traditional and conventional mindsets. We should be dynamic and flexible to the changing needs of the society and knowledge of the human beings belongs to world and we should share it.


  • Email: mailto:,
  • IRC:nick is adityapant and right now hangouts in #fedora-india, #fedora-mktg,#fedora-classroom, #fedora-ambassadors
  • Fedora Account: adityapant


  • languages like gnu c, python,etc.
  • zen meditation
  • yoga
  • internet coz i feel that it constitutes an integral part of my life


  • closed minds and closed systems
  • men with corrupted and evil intentions those who are dishonest with themselves should never be trusted.

One should lead a life of principles, morals, purpose and discipline in order to enjoy life to its fullest with satisfaction. Be open , be honest , be flexible and be dynamic. Always share things.

Activities within Fedora

  • As a avid linux enthusiast and especially as a promoter, i am working on extending the use of Fedora, Linux, and Open Source to everyone - everywhere - everytime! I have been able to convince many of mates to start using fedora to have a feel of your box as to become a good driver you don't need good dashboard and all you need is the good feel of the road.

And to serve others in a more efficient manner I have been looking forward over to keep my own tray full.

I am going to start a local lug in my college soon to support the growing base of linux users.