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Aeva Palecek

Hi! I started using Fedora at the end of 2013. Previously I've used Debian as my primary OS since 2005-2006. Before that, Gentoo, and then before that Mandrake. I gave a presentation about 3D Printing (talk listing, irc transcript) at Flock 2013, and with the combined embarassment of giving a keynote with the wrong os on my laptop and the incredibly awesome community, I had to give Fedora a try. And... I love it :)

To date, I haven't contributed anything beyond a talk at a conference to the Fedora project, though I am interested in being more involved in the community.

Things that I do

Outside of Fedora, I work doing R&D for a 3D printer manufacturer, I volunteer with a local python women's outreach program and host a regular meetup of a small python user group (pyoo) at my local hackerspace. I also make weird art sometimes, and occasionally contribute to GNU Media Goblin.

I'm the maintainer of ohai-kit, a free software django application for hosting instructions for assembling hardware projects, which is used by employer at and internally on our assembly lines. I also maintain voxelpress when I have time.

My website is

Some things I know a few things about

  • 3D printing
  • Libre Hardware
  • the Reprap Project
  • embedded systems
  • the Federated Web
  • OpenGL
  • Python
  • Vala, C#
  • Javascript
  • css
  • Gnome
  • Blender


  • I go by "aeva" on freenode, and am usually online when I'm awake. This is probbably the best way to get ahold of me.
  • for
  • @ladyaeva on twitter