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Ahmed Ayman
Ahmed Ayman
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Home: Al-Haram , Giza , Egypt
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the project

Adwaita and HighContrast style for QtQuickControls


an example of the problem Fedora Media writer which is a Qt application still white under the Adwaita dark theme.

KDE/Qt applications was integrated with GNOME desktop themes, BUT this was until Qt version 5. after version 5 we needed QtQuickControls to make the Qt/KDE looks like they really belong to Gnome hence the Fedora workstation.

proposed solution

to make Qt/KDE apps looks like they belong to Gnome,I'll implement the QtQuickControls with QML to use the Adwaita-qt and HighContrast-qt themes. then making the chosen controls run by default and that's would be implemented in the QGnomePlatform project.

benefits to fedora

making Qt/KDE applications integrated in GNOME Desktop and look as they are really belong to GNOME.


before the program : I'll start learning about the open source communities and getting familiar with the Git different options then I’ll be implementing projects using QML from the beginning of April until the beginning of my exams.

By the beginning of the project : I’ll ve figuring out the themes and how they work and how to download and use them.

Then until June 27th : I’ll be implementing the QtQuickControls and taking in account all of the necessary Widgets and a nice user experience.

Then until July 27th : figuring out QGnomePlatform and starting to make the controls being selected by default.

until 21 August : checking out everything and looking for adding any new features then submitting the Code on time.

About me

a sophomore computer Engineering student who is in love with programming and computers and so passionate about everything related to them. I've been curious about learning more about computer science and I've got some experience with

  • Java (and created a desktop app called Hash-Learning with my colleagues).
  • Android and got a [[1]scholarship] by Google & Udacity and worked on an Android app project.
  • web development (and created some simple web designs using HTML , CSS , JS and a simple CMS using PHP & MYSQL).
  • GNU Linux and the open source tools (started using Linux in the last year and Fedora at August i think).
  • Machine learning (still very beginner actually .. currently I'm learning about the Numpy Python library).

NOTICE : all of the projects are right here --> GitHub


  • currently I'm a part of an open source community Called ADEF developing a computer science curriculum in Arabic for teaching children basic concepts about the computational thinking ,we are developing some sort of unplugged activities to illustrate some CS concepts .
  • I have been a part of another community called Mushtarak where they are doing monthly events about the open source tools and what's new in the open source world.
  • worked as a robotics trainer in 2016's Holiday ,teaching the teens and the children simple concepts about the robots.


  • certificates of appreciation for completing courses on [Coursera ,].
  • certificate of appreciation for being a good robotics trainer.
  • certificate from Google and Udacity for finishing the scholarship.

why fedora

    • I have been using fedora since about 8 months as a main OS , I love it and the community as well ,I just want to be a part of this nice community by contributing with you and this program will be a great kick off to do so.

why this project

  • To learn more about the QML that is used commonly by the open source community for the cross platform apps ,and getting involved in the community by solving the issues.
  • Also, because it’s a bit easy and suit my level.
  • by the way , I've already contacted the Mentor "Marin Briza" using the IRC and the Mail and still asking him about the project details.

why me

  • I have a very good knowledge about programming languages in general and a good background about C++ .
  • I'm a very curious person and so enthusiastic about learning new stuff related to computers.
  • also,I'm a quick learner and hard worker.

my key motivation

  • my goal of being a tech-lead person and a guider for others in the future.


Ahmed Ayman was born in 1996 in Helwan, Cairo (the capital of Egypt). He lives in Giza with his family with 4 siblings. Since his childhood he was inspired by computers , He was looking at his uncle Emad doing weird stuff with a black screen (mostly the DOS at that time ), controlling the computer and solving-problems. He also loved the video games and spent most of his childhood trying and playing a lot of video games.

After he grew up and got a high grades in high school , he enrolled in College of Engineering at Al-Azhar university in Cairo and chose to be in computers and systems department cause he loves it and was passionate about it since his childhood,then he started his real journey exploring and learning different things, meeting up with different communities related to computer science , Those sort of communities and the meet-ups helped him gain a lot of knowledge win a scholarship by Google and Udacity , He is always curious about learning more and asking what's new in the world of computer science..


  • programming and learning new stuff about computers.
  • learning languages (currently learning Indonesian).
  • running.
  • camping and hiking
  • reading.
  • swimming (however I'm still so bad , can't even swim for 10 meters!)
  • teaching kids.

other contacts

mail : GitHub : linkedin :