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Who I am

  • Alexander Kellermann
  • Currently attending school at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Double Majoring in Computing Security and Economics.
  • Living in New York City
  • Expected Graduation date: May 2019


  • Email:
  • IRC: Dormio - and I can be found on:
    • #fedora-security,
    • #fedora-security-team,
    • #fedora-Commops,
    • #RIT-FOSS
  • Fedora Account: akellermann

Activities within Fedora:

I'm just starting out in the Fedora community, officially having become part of it on March 5th, 2016. I'm on the IRC's a lot, and can be come to with any questions about the distribution, and can most likely help with any of the problems that might arise when using Fedora.

I want to become a real member of the Fedora Security Team in time, with a focus on Operation System Security, but right now I need to bring my technical knowledge up to a point where I can feel comfortable working in such a rigorous environment. Usually I can be found in the #fedora-meetings during the times where the security team is meeting. Even if I'm not actively participating, I can always be found lurking and listening.