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I'm an unpretentious Fedora user, and I work as an unpretentious system administrator in an Italian hospital.
I use GNU/Linux since 1999, starting with Red Hat Linux 6. I mainly administer SmartOS and Linux (CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu) servers and workstations for a living. After some years of distro hopping (I've even been a Mac user), in 2017 I happily return back to where I started my experience with Linux: so, for my own business, on my own workstations and company laptop, I'm more than an happy Fedora user.
In the same period of 2017 I decided that the time to start to contribute to the Fedora Project had come.

Fedora contributions

In the Fedora community I take part to the QA group, and to the Italian translation group... when I have some spare time.

I wrote some articles for the Fedora Magazine (many tanks to the proofreaders and to the editors):

I'm active in the Fedora Join SIG.

I'm active on Ask Fedora

I maintain some packages.

I'm currently a Fedora Ambassador (many thanks to my mentor).

Other activities (related to GNU/Linux)

In my city I'm involved in a LUG: L.U.Ma.Ca..

In the past I contributed to the Italian translation group of Full Circle Magazine.

Personal info

Name: Alessio Location: Tuscany, Italy
Year of birth: 1977


e-mail: alciregi_at_fedoraproject_dot_org

IRC: alciregi @freenode

Sometimes I write something here:


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