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Alexis Lameire

I'm a French Linux user with five years of experience on Fedora. I currently live in Paris and I'm studing computer science at the Paris V University.

My Linux experience


I'm currently developping a software (in beta for the moment), qplanning, which can create school plannings. I also have a little bit dusty project, d7c, an IRC bot to play hangman game.


  • helping people on irc channel
  • trying to keep abreast of Linux-related news
  • developing

How I help fedora ?


I'm an approved packager and I currently maintain 3 packages :

  • pastebinit: a command line tool to pastebin code.
  • tlomt-orbitron-fonts: futurist sans serif font
  • minion: utility to solve logical problem.
  • adobe-source-sans: new free quality font



  • Becoming an ambassador and continuing helping new users to discover, use and contribute to Fedora
  • Packaging new softwares according to my discoveries on the net


  • IRC alexises on Freenode or Epiknet networks
  • Jabber
  • Mail alexises [at] fedoraproject [dot] org