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Mohd Alif Azman

I'm currently student of a college in Malaysia.located near Bangi selangor.More keen into web development and open source system administration.I'm using UBUNTU before,but migrated to fedora.

'Why did I migrate to Fedora'

  • Fedora is Great.(really don't know to describe it by words


  • Email: alifazman at
  • IRC: alifazman)
  • GPG key: CA 9FE04D
  • Fedora Account: alifazman Fedora Account System

What did I do to spread Fedora voice??

  • Giving FREE MEDIA to my friends such as Fedora DVD and live CD(most of them request DVD).
  • Help them with installation and solution for windows similar program(open office,Blue Fish,Eclipse n etc)
  • I will handling a talk on open Source week at my college (by Allah's willing) to introduce open source to the student.
  • I am enthuias in Fedora Linux,I've been use fedora for approximately a year and half.I'm so attracted with fedora,and I did spread the spirit of open source among my college friends,lecturer and my family.