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It's me.

Adrian Alves

About me

I'm from Capital Federal, Buenos Aires - Argentina. GEEK fan of Linux and Gnome, I've been involved in the Linux world since 1996. Am a Open Source Lover!! RPM DEVELOPER since 2007, I love to build pkgs for apps. And now fedora developer and ambassador for Argentina :-)

I want to gave special thanks to the guys who helped me in this process Daniel Bruno <dbruno[at]> my fedora mentor, Mohammed King <mking[at]> my always manager who introduce me and teach me everything about RPM's and my friend Dag Wieers <dag[at]> best RPM developer ever or as I call him RPMguy! and another friend to mention the last one an not less important is Rik Van Riel <surriel[at]> from my point of view he is the kernel guy!
Am Official Fedora Developer many many thanks to my sponsor Toshio Kuratomi <toshio[at]>


Fedora Projects Involved

thanks to "threebean" for sponsor me on the team!

Packages maintained

Packages that I'm working on it

You will find my builds here:

Special Built:

  • DELUGE Built a new release not yet in fedora for Matias Kreder from fedora
  • Node.js JavaScript fast build framework. Bug#815018

Packages in Bugzilla:

* Grive open source client for google drive. Working on it.