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Specifications for a System for Ensuring Quality of Ambassadors

                     By  A. Mani

The immediate motivation can be traced to this thread in the ambassadors mailing list. There is a need to ensure that ambassadors are aware about current trends, and are in the know about how the Fedora ecosystem relates to the FOSS and external worlds. Mentoring can help in better organisation and implementation of proposed activities. But is less useful for the former goal.

An ambassador can be expected to be in the know about all of the following:

  1. Linux and Fedora Basics
  2. FOSS, OSS and Proprietary Licenses
  3. Freedoms guaranteed by Fedora
  4. Packages included and Packaging in Fedora
  5. Comparison with Other Linux and Unix distributions
  6. Difference between Fedora Versions
  7. Work flow in the Fedora Ecosystem
  8. Why proprietary software is evil?
  9. FOSS adoption vs OSS adoption
  10. Recent and Proposed Changes, and lots more

Our proposal is to integrate a software based credit system into the Fedora Wiki and FAS for ensuring that ambassadors/prospective ambassadors adhere to minimum standards. The system should include the following components:

  1. Grade Processing Module
  2. Reader Evaluation Module
  3. Supplementary Module

Evaluation Methodology