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Amarendra Kumar


I am a final year engineering student of IT. My first love is computers and everything related to it and done on it including Internet, coding, games, movies and games etc., except loud and screaming music (read noise). Stumbled upon Linux in 2007 and fell in love. It was OpenSuse 10.2. Changed many distros and now I am triple-booting with Fedora. I started to do things that I used to do in the other OS and it went on.

I have been since doing everything on my Linux system and have told other about the benefit of Linux and FOSS. I am going to start my home state LUG very soon and that should have members as users of more than one distro.

I understand and believe in the philosophy of Open Source and I will try my best to pursue a carrier in the same field given all the conditions compliment each other.

My near future goal is to re-brush my PHP and CSS - JS skills and host my own website which I can use to showcase my web-apps.


Activities within Fedora and Open Source

  • Actually, I am starting right now in Fedora, except for the 1-2 month use of Fedora in the beginning.
  • My goal is to become an active Fedora developer once I come to know things around.
  • However, I have been actively propagating the cause Linux and Open Source in my college and among my friends in out of my college.
  • I plan to start Bihar LUG. My college NIT Patna can be a good point of co-ordination for the time being.
  • I regularly talk my my juniors and give them Linux DVDs and distribute media images.
  • I am very passionate about literature in both my mother tongue Hindi and in English. So, translation seems to be a good place where I am able to contribute.