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Hi, my name is Andreas Haerter. I'm a software developer and Open Source enthusiast living in Germany, currently commuting between Karlsruhe and Horb a. N.. I was a long-time Ubuntu user (at least on the Desktop, I still stuck on FreeBSD as server OS). But since a few months I am "fedoraised" and therefore I think it is time to join its community. :-)


  • Web: Blog, Website,
  • Email: fedo... (click to see the address, spam protection). Alternatively, you can use the contact form on my website.
  • GPG key: 0x423B2839 (available on common keyservers or by download)
  • GPG key fingerprint: 4E2C 79E1 C986 36B4 CE7B 193D ECC4 69C3 423B 2839
  • Fedora Account: andreashaerter
  • Development: GitHub

Activities within Fedora