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I'm Andrew Price and I work on the GFS2 shared-disk file system for Red Hat. My main focus is currently the GFS2 userspace tools, both upstream and in Fedora and RHEL, but I have been known to work on the kernel side of things too. I tend to hover somewhere in the gap between QA and development: improving code quality, maintainability and test coverage while taking on new and/or improved feature tasks where I can. I also maintain the iowatcher package in Fedora.

If you need to contact me you can find my contact details in the Fedora accounts system and I sometimes murmur things relating to Fedora and my projects on my personal G+ Page. I also lurk on various Fedora-, cluster- and file system-related channels on Freenode IRC under the name AndyP. I subscribe to far too many mailing lists. I'm based in Swansea, UK.

Frequently Unasked Questions

  • Q: Should I call you Andrew or Andy?
  • A: I really don't mind but "Andy" saves a couple of keystrokes so feel free to use that.
  • Q: Beer?
  • A: A tasty real ale, please.
  • Q: Are you that Blender guy?
  • A: Nope.
  • Q: Aren't you that My Little Pony artist?
  • A: Very nope.