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Ankit Yadav
Ankit Yadav
Personal Information
Home: Pune, India
Time zone: UTC+5:30
Contact Information
FAS name: ankity10
Personal email:
IRC nick: ankity10, ankity10_
IRC channels: #389
Fedora Badges Involvement Embryo Paranoid Panda Egg Tadpole with Legs Junior Editor Associate Editor Let Me Introduce Myself Mugshot Tadpole Junior Badger (Badger I)

Ankit Yadav

  • I am a senior year Computer Engineering student from Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune, India. I’ve had an interest in Computer Science since high school where I learnt about the C++ language. This, eventually, motivated me to pursue a career in Computer Engineering.
  • My primary drives are curiosity and learning about new things. I always try to keep myself updated with new technologies and try to apply my skills in any project that I work upon. During my sophomore year, I became interested in web technologies and started diving deep into it. This led to, a venture I started with 3 of my friends. Siteflu was built to provide web consultancy to clients by helping them build their websites with a clean functional UX.
  • I am proficient in Python when it comes to working with applications and web technologies. I’m an active member of the local Python meetups and have been participating in PyConf since the past two years.

Activities within Fedora

  • I am applying to work with Fedora for Google Summer of Code 2017 for project 389 "Directory Server: Developing Administrative Tools".