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This list is build with the suggestions from skvidal's initial proposed package list on [1]


  • anaconda
  • firstboot


  • grub
  • kernel
  • mkinitrd
  • cryptsetup-luks
  • lvm
  • mdadm
  • initscripts


  • xorg-x11-drivers
    • xorg-x11-drv-ati
    • xorg-x11-drv-intel
    • xorg-x11-drv-nouveau
    • xorg-x11-drv-openchrome
    • xorg-x11-drv-vesa
  • xorg-x11-server-Xorg
  • xorg-x11-xinit


  • gdm/xdm
  • pam


  • NetworkManager
  • system-config-network (?)
  • wpa_supplicant
  • dhcp


  • yum
  • python
  • glibc
  • udev
  • hal
  • PackageKit (?)
  • bash
  • coreutils
  • gcc

Critical Path Component Triage List based on rawhide as of 2009-07-28 @ 11:55 UTC

This list of src packages are based on @core, @critical-path-base and @critical-path-gnome package groups without dependencies.

Please note, this list is only based on the packages groups above, the old packages from BugZappers/Components_and_Triagers will be included if the list is final.

Critical Path Component Active triagers (IRC nicks) Component information Special Need help?
acl (Feed) Take Me (triager) acl - No
attr (Feed) Take Me (triager) attr - No
audit (Feed) Take Me (triager) audit - No
authconfig (Feed) Take Me (triager) authconfig - No
basesystem (Feed) Take Me (triager) basesystem - No
bash (Feed) Take Me (triager) bash - No
coreutils (Feed) Take Me (triager) coreutils - No
cpio (Feed) Take Me (triager) cpio - No
cronie (Feed) Take Me (triager) cronie - No
dhclient (Feed) Take Me (triager) dhclient - No
e2fsprogs (Feed) Take Me (triager) e2fsprogs - No
fedora-release (Feed) Take Me (triager) fedora-release - No
file (Feed) Take Me (triager) file - No
filesystem (Feed) Take Me (triager) filesystem - No
glibc (Feed) Take Me (triager) glibc - No
initscripts (Feed) Take Me (triager) initscripts - No
iproute (Feed) Take Me (triager) iproute - No
iprutils (Feed) Take Me (triager) iprutils - No
iptables (Feed) Take Me (triager) iptables - No
iptables-ipv6 (Feed) Take Me (triager) iptables-ipv6 - No
iputils (Feed) Take Me (triager) iputils - No
kbd (Feed) Take Me (triager) kbd - No
gcc (Feed) Take Me (triager) gcc - No
ncurses (Feed) Take Me (triager) ncurses - No
openssh-server (Feed) Take Me (triager) openssh-server - No
passwd (Feed) Take Me (triager) passwd - No
policycoreutils (Feed) Take Me (triager) policycoreutils - No
procps (Feed) Take Me (triager) procps - No
readline (Feed) Take Me (triager) readline - No
rootfiles (Feed) Take Me (triager) rootfiles - No
rpm (Feed) Take Me (triager) rpm - No
rsyslog (Feed) Take Me (triager) rsyslog - No
selinux-policy-targeted (Feed) Take Me (triager) selinux-policy-targeted - No
setserial (Feed) Take Me (triager) setserial - No
setup (Feed) Take Me (triager) setup - No
shadow-utils (Feed) Take Me (triager) shadow-utils - No
sudo (Feed) Take Me (triager) sudo - No
util-linux-ng (Feed) Take Me (triager) util-linux-ng - No
vim-minimal (Feed) Take Me (triager) vim-minimal - No
yum (Feed) Take Me (triager) yum - No
efibootmgr (Feed) Take Me (triager) efibootmgr - No
grub (Feed) Take Me (triager) grub - No
ppc64-utils (Feed) Take Me (triager) ppc64-utils - No
s390utils (Feed) Take Me (triager) s390utils - No
yaboot (Feed) Take Me (triager) yaboot - No
kernel (Feed) Take Me (triager) kernel - No
anaconda (Feed) Take Me (triager) anaconda - No
firstboot (Feed) Take Me (triager) firstboot - No
yum (Feed) Take Me (triager) yum - No
NetworkManager (Feed) Take Me (triager) NetworkManager - No
pungi (Feed) Take Me (triager) pungi - No
mash (Feed) Take Me (triager) mash - No
createrepo (Feed) Take Me (triager) createrepo - No
livecd-tools (Feed) Take Me (triager) livecd-tools - No
rpm-build (Feed) Take Me (triager) rpm-build - No
redhat-rpm-config (Feed) Take Me (triager) redhat-rpm-config - No
gcc (Feed) Take Me (triager) gcc - No
gdm (Feed) Take Me (triager) gdm - No
notification-daemon (Feed) Take Me (triager) notification-daemon - No
xorg-x11-drv-ati (Feed) Take Me (triager) xorg-x11-drv-ati - No
xorg-x11-drv-nouveau (Feed) Take Me (triager) xorg-x11-drv-nouveau - No
xorg-x11-drv-openchrome (Feed) Take Me (triager) xorg-x11-drv-openchrome - No
xorg-x11-server (Feed) Take Me (triager) xorg-x11-server - No
xorg-x11-xauth (Feed) Take Me (triager) xorg-x11-xauth - No
xorg-x11-xinit (Feed) Take Me (triager) xorg-x11-xinit - No